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Advantages of Solar for Businesses

For many business owners, the idea of solar panels for businesses may seem risky and expensive. Many owners of small and medium-sized businesses mistakenly believe that solar energy is only feasible for big businesses. Today, businesses of all sizes are capitalizing on the financial opportunities of solar power. At Solar Energy Partners, we have solar options for all types of businesses. We are proud to offer energy solutions to clients throughout Charleston.

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Making Solar Affordable for Businesses

Solar power allows businesses to begin saving on electric bills immediately. Many businesses save up to 70% on their electric bills and these savings can become even more significant considering the rise of electric costs. One big way for businesses to reduce out-of-pocket costs is by financing solar power installation.

The following benefits of going solar can help you reduce your installation costs:

  • A federal tax credit for 30% of the system cost
  • Performance-based initiatives (incentives based on your solar system's energy production)
  • Accelerated depreciation allows a tax deduction of 85%

Energy costs are an unpredictable expense for Charleston businesses. The volatility of electric prices and inflation that result in significant price fluctuations can make planning challenging for businesses. Thankfully, the benefits of going solar coupled with the reduced utility bills make this transition a viable option for a growing number of businesses.

Other Advantages for Your Charleston Business

Of course, the financial considerations are paramount for most business owners. However, there are other benefits to installing solar panels in Charleston. A growing number of customers are making the decision to do business with companies that have expressed a commitment to sustainability. Similarly, employees often prefer working for environmentally conscious companies. In addition to benefiting the planet and your business, your decision to switch to solar can benefit your local economy. Solar Energy Partners has all of the resources you need to ensure a smooth transition.

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