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How many panels would I need for an "X" square footage home?

One of the most common questions we get. The ideal solar system for your home doesn’t depend on your home’s size; it depends on your energy consumption. For example, a smaller building with a high energy bill like a yoga studio could potentially use more energy than a couple living alone in a bigger home.

How much money do you need to put down?

This is really up to you. In the past, going solar meant a hefty down payment but that’s no longer the case. Today, you can go solar with zero down.

What kind of monthly payment should I expect with financing?

This depends on how much power we can offset with your solar. We typically work out your monthly payment to be the same, if not less, than your current utility payment. You’re paying already each month for your power so why not go solar and that payment becomes additional equity on your home.

What happens if a hurricane comes and my solar panels get damaged?

Your solar panels are covered by our 25-year all-inclusive warranty, the best warranty in the solar industry today. This warranty covers everything from parts to labor so your system would be repaired at no cost to you in the event that there is hurricane damage.

Zillow states that solar adds 4-8% in equity to your home. When you sell your home, the solar gets wrapped into the overall value of your home.

Leasing means you’re renting your solar vs. owning. With anything, it’s almost always cheaper to own vs. rent. When you own, you can take advantage of the tax credits and have a monthly solar payment. When you lease, you agree to a monthly lease payment. If you sell your home with leased solar, the buyer must take over your monthly payment. If you sell your home with solar that you own, it is rolled into the overall home loan.

We always recommend owning vs. leasing because of the tax credit advantage.

What happens if I sell my home and the solar loan isn't paid off?

If you sell your home and your solar loan isn’t paid off, the value of the solar is included in your home’s overall value. Your buyer would purchase the solar loan as part of your home. Zillow states that solar adds 4-8% to your home’s equity.

What's the difference between leasing and owning your solar? What should I do?

Leasing is like renting your solar vs. owning which allows you to take advantage of the tax credits and increases in equity to your home. We always recommend owning because of the attractive tax incentives currently available.

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