How Solar Panels Help You Year-Round

When considering solar panel installation for you home, you might be wondering if they really will provide you with year-round benefits as some advertisers claim. The expert solar technicians at Solar Energy Partners can help answer some frequently asked questions about how solar works year round!

You may have questions like these:

  • What if the weather gets cloudy?
  • Do solar panels actually help reduce my cooling costs during the summer?
  • Is there any benefit to having solar panels in the wintertime?
  • Helping the environment is nice, but does going solar give me any kind of substantial financial perks or advantage?

We’ll answer these questions and more for you below. Some of the year-round benefits of going solar might surprise you!

Will My Solar Panels Work When It's Cloudy?

Many people bear the misconception that homeowners benefit from solar panels mostly during hotter months. However, energy costs also rise for you in colder months when you make use of your heating system to keep warm--which most of the time needs some form of electricity in order to run. Instead of relying on the power grid for electricity to power heat in your home, you can use the energy from your solar panels.

Even on cloudy days, solar panels have the ability to draw energy, which can still provide your household with some cost-reducing power. As an added bonus, solar panels can protect your roof from the elements, like heavy precipitation, falling leaves or branches, and other debris.

How Do Solar Panels Help in Hot Weather?

The first thing to remember is that hot air rises. Taking this into consideration, you know that once the weather starts heating up, it’s going to get especially warm in these places:

  • A house’s second or third story (or attic)
  • Apartments or condos on the second floor or higher
  • Homes facing the afternoon sun
  • Homes with few trees or structures to block sunlight or provide shade

While you’re grateful for the comfortable temperatures that your air conditioning unit provides, especially when temperatures start hitting 90 degrees and above, you probably have rising energy bills lurking in the back of your mind. Then the staggering bill at the end of the month confirms your worries. If your home is especially large or multi-storied, you’re likely to see dramatic increases in your energy bill during the year’s warmer months, even by hundreds of dollars.

How would solar panels improve this situation?

Simply put, instead of drawing power from the utility grid and increasing your electricity bill, your home would be using electricity attained through your own solar panels, saving you money. In addition, all that extra sunlight your solar panels receive during summers allows them to produce even more energy--which means you have more affordable electricity with which to run your air conditioner. Furthermore, researchers have found that rooftop solar panels actually cool the roofs underneath them up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit by absorbing the heat, which can further reduce your energy costs.

Even better, if you use solar batteries in conjunction with solar panels, you have a way of storing energy for later. You might need some backup electricity during a power outage, or perhaps at night you’d rather use stored solar energy than electricity from the grid. Whatever the case, quality solar batteries (such as those designed by sonnenBatterie) are fantastic for harnessing excess power from sunny days for when you need it.

Did Someone Say “Federal Tax Credit”?

Homeowners going solar in 2019 can get a federal tax credit worth up to 30% of the total cost of the installation. Congress approved this investment tax credit (ITC) in 2015, and it has made going solar affordable for more people. In fact, it saved the average shopper over $5000 in 2017.

This tax credit of 30 percent of the cost of the system will stand until December 31, 2019, which means that shoppers can benefit from this discount for the rest of the year. Starting in 2020, this tax credit will drop slightly to 26% of the cost of the system, still providing substantial savings to new residential and commercial solar owners.

Are you ready to start enjoying the year-round benefits of solar panels? Solar Energy Partners can help you get started by finding out the best solar energy solution for your Atlanta home or business. Call (843) 225-5821 today or contact us online to get started!